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Qualitative Filter Papers

Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Papers

A widely used standard grade filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rate. It covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. These cellulose filters are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials. Prepleated qualitative filters are also available, which give improved flow rate and increased loading capacity compared to equivalent flat filters.

Grade 4 Qualitative Filter Papers

Extremely fast filtering with excellent retention of coarse particles and gelatinous precipitates such as ferric hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. Very useful as a rapid filter for routine clean-up of biological fluids or organic extracts during analysis. Used when high flow rates in air pollution monitoring are required and the collection of fine particles is not critical.

Grade 591 Qualitative Filter Papers

A thick filter paper with very high loading capacity for fast filtration of medium to coarse precipitates. Offers high absorbency and increased wet strength. Also available prepleated as Grade 591

Grade 597L Qualitative Filter Papers

A qualitative filter paper with low fat content. Suitable for nitrate determination in foodstuffs to .35 LMBG* (LMBG*= German law for food and consumer products).

Grade 602EH Qualitative Filter Papers

Grade 602EH 1/2 cellulose filters for very fine precipitates are used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials. These filters are intended to be used for recovery of microfine ultrapure crystalline components (<1um) in alkaline tests in waste analysis (e.g soils, filter, dust, ash, ore/slag waste). Available prepleated as Grade 602EH

Grade 2 Qualitative Filter Papers

Slightly more retentive than Grade 1 with a corresponding increase in filtration time (i.e., slightly slower filtration speed). More absorbent than Grade 1. In addition to general filtration in the 8 µm particle size range, the extra absorbency is utilized, for example, to hold soil nutrient in plant growth trials. Also used for monitoring specific contaminants in the atmosphere and in soil testing. Also available prepleated as Grade 2V.

Grade 5 Qualitative Filter Papers

The maximum degree of fine particle filtration in the qualitative range. Capable of retaining the fine precipitates encountered in chemical analysis. Slow flow rate. Excellent clarifying filter for cloudy suspensions and for water and soil analysis. Also available prepleated as Grade 5V.

Grade 595 Qualitative Filter Papers

Very popular, thin filter paper, medium-fast with medium to fine particle retention. Used for many routine analytical applications in different industries, (e.g., particle separation from food extracts or filtration of solids from digested environmental samples, e.g., for ICP/AAS analysis). Also available prepleated as Grade 595

Grade 598 Qualitative Filter Papers

A thick filter paper with high loading capacity. Combines medium retention with medium-fast to fast filtration speed.

Grade 3 Qualitative Filter Papers

Double the thickness of Grade 1 with still finer particle retention and excellent loading capacity; more precipitate can be held without clogging. The extra thickness gives increased wet strength and makes this grade highly suitable for use in Büchner funnels. The high absorbency is particularly valuable when the paper is used as a sample carrier. This filter is also available in the FilterCup. This is a convenient, disposable 70 mm filter funnel with a 250 ml capacity molded from polypropylene with an integral, heat bonded filter

Grade 588 Qualitative Filter Papers

These extremely strong filter papers have a high wet strength due to the addition of a small quantity of chemically stable resin. Normal qualitative applications will not introduce any significant impurities into the filtrate. The resins do, however, contain nitrogen so these grades should not be used in Kjeldahl estimations, etc. Some wet strengthened grades are available in folded (prepleated) forms.

Grade 597 Qualitative Filter Papers

A medium fast filter paper with medium to fine particle retention. Used for a wide variety of analytical routine applications in different industries like food testing (e.g., determination of fat content) or removal of carbon dioxide and turbidity from beverages (e.g., beer analysis). Available prepleated as Grade 597

Grade 6 Qualitative Filter Papers

A standard grade filter for boiler water analysis. Twice as fast as Grade 5 with similar fine particle retention. Often specified for boiler water analysis applications.