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Extraction buffers & reagents

• ProteoExtract™, S‐PEK, M‐PEK : Fractionation
• PopCulture® reagent
• BugBuster®, Yeastbuster®, CytoBuster® : Lysis buffers
• Zwittergent, Triton…:Detergents:

• Benzonase
• Lysozyme, rLyzosyme™
• Inhibitor cocktails (Protease eg. Set III, Phosphatase)
• Buffers : TRIS‐HCl, RIPA, NP‐40…

แบรนด์ที่ทางเราจำหน่าย ท่านสามารถสอบถามหรือสั่งซื้อกับเราได้เลย

  • สารเคมี MERCK

  • สารเคมี SIGMA-ALDRICH

  • สารเคมี QREC (Quality Reagent Chemical)

  • สารเคมี KEMAUS

  • สารเคมี LOBA CHEMIE


  • สารเคมี TCI (Tokyo Chemical Industry)

  • สารเคมี ALFA AESAR

สารเคมี merck
สารเคมี kemaus
สารเคมี alfa
สารเคมี sigma
สารเคมี loba
สารเคมี tci
สารเคมี qrec
สารเคมี fisher

ค้นหาสารเคมีที่นี่ (เฉพาะเวอร์ชั่น PC)

*เงื่อนไขการนำเข้าสารเคมีนั้นมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงตลอดเวลา โปรดสอบถามข้อมูลจากทางบริษัทอีกครั้ง

Grade of chemical

  • Reagent A.C.S. - This designates a high quality chemical for laboratory use. The abbreviation "A.C.S.," means the chemical meets the specifications of the American Chemical Society. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

  • Guaranteed Reagent (GR) - Suitable for use in analytical chemistry, products meet or exceed American Chemical Society (ACS) requirements where applicable. (EMD trademark)

  • AR - The standard Mallinckrodt grade of analytical reagents; suitable for laboratory and general use. If the reagent also meets the requirements of the American Chemical Society Committee on Analytical Reagent, it will be denoted as an AR (ACS) reagent. (MBI trademark)

  • Primary Standard - Analytical reagent of exceptional purity that is specially manufactured for standardizing volumetric solutions and preparing reference standards.

  • Reagent - The highest quality commercially available for this chemical. The American Chemical Society has not officially set any specifications for this material.

  • OR - Organic reagents that are suitable for research applications.(MBI trademark)

  • Purified - Defines chemicals of good quality where there are no official standards. This grade is usually limited to inorganic chemicals.

  • Practical - Defines chemicals of good quality where there are no official standards. Suitable for use in general applications. Practical grade organic chemicals may contain small amounts of isomers of intermediates.

  • Lab Grade - A line of solvents suitable for histology methods and general laboratory applications.

  • USP - Chemicals manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices and which meet the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia.

  • USP/GenAR - A line of chemicals manufactured under cGMP, meet the requirements of the 1995 USP 23, meet European Pharmacopeia (PhEur, EP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP) specifications where designated, and are Endotoxin (LAL) tested where appropriate. (MBI trademark)

  • NF - Chemicals that meet the requirements of the National Formulary.

  • FCC - Products that meet the requirements of the Food Chemical Codex.

  • CP (Chemically Pure) - Products of purity suitable for use in general applications.

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